Pork is still the most-consumed meat in Poland. It is difficult to deny its taste and high nutritional value. Raw pork requires special care when it comes to its storage, therefore pork sausages must be produced in particularly hygienic conditions. We have been doing this for almost 25 years. 

Maintaining the durability of pork sausages has undoubtedly been helped by technological progress and the market of dedicated spices of excellent quality. But that’s not all, because experienced and dedicated craftsmen are needed to make real cold cuts to perfection. For years, we have been combining these good practices to ensure that pork sausage is not only meat in name. Read below about selected cold cuts from our production. 


White steamed sausage

Delicate flavor with noticeable hints of garlic and marjoram. You can grill it or add it to sour soup or white borscht. The tastiest, however, will be when you throw it into the pot right after the water boils in it. Steep it in this bath for about 20 minutes and it's ready. Consume it with mustard or horseradish. In a more exquisite version, it is perfectly combined with sweet and wine red onion jam. It is worth coming back to white sausage not only on the occasion of Christmas and Easter.


Grilled sausage

The sausage has a distinct flavor. Its name is not accidental, because the recipe according to which this sausage is prepared was created for the purpose of subjecting the sausage to high temperature, which is produced during grilling on the grill. The sausage is even more unusual as it is very meat-like with a well-balanced proportion of fat, thanks to which it maintains its shape during grilling.


Blood sausage

Traditional Polish offal sausage based on barley and buckwheat groats. Continuation of the so-called Silesian krupniok, extremely popular in Silesia in the past and today, where the custom of eating it was associated with family feasts and the feast of Barbórka. Black pudding works best with white onions, stewed in a pan under a cover.


Baked Cracow sausage

Extremely tasty addition to sandwiches. Soft, although it hides pieces of pork loin and pork ham of just size. The secret is in the recipe. Baked Krakowska has a minimal fat content. Delicate in taste, yet with a perceptible baking aroma.


Company sausage

The meaty, compact consistency makes you feel full after eating at least one sausage. This product of our smokehouse, which enjoys unflagging popularity, is made of pure meat, without any fillers. Our sausage is specific, and at the same time delicate in taste, simply seasoned with expertise. Don't boil it, just let it boil for a few minutes, covered in boiling water. A reliable idea for a Polish breakfast!


Baked pate

The coarsely ground, exceptionally fleshy structure can only be evidence of an honest way of preparing this delicacy. A pate that keeps its shape when cut. The most delicious with distinctive flavors such as cranberry or horseradish.


Country pate

Rich, coarse texture perfectly suitable for spreading on bread. Absolutely natural pate, seasoned with ordinary salt and natural spices, which strongly refers to the tradition of a country product.

Call and discover the unique taste of our cold cuts!

Did you know that our cold cuts are created with passion and a long-standing tradition? At Zagroda Opolska, we combine meticulous processing of pork, game, and poultry with the secrets of a homemade recipe to deliver the highest quality products to you.


Italian headcheese

Just-sized pieces of the most delicate pork head meat with caraway seeds and black pepper. Traditional brawn - the meat is cooked for a long time until it is soft. Pieces of meat and pork skins are poured over with the remaining broth from cooking. A real meat feast in just one slice.



Brawn commonly known by the name 'Toscana brawn', as Tuscany is a gourmet's paradise. This is a luxurious snack full of candid pieces of lean, long-cooked pork head meat. Everything is well seasoned and spicy. Cold cuts rich in natural collagen.


Roasted pork loin

A wonderful, juicy pork roasted in a convection oven. The taste is enhanced only by natural spices in the right proportions. Perfect for sandwiches and sandwiches. For lovers of combining flavors, it will work in a sweet version - for wrapping prunes or apricots.


Silesian sausage

The golden color of the rind and the light pink interior. Inside, a meat stuffing made of the right proportion of ham, pork knuckle, pork neck and bacon. This combination ensures the appropriate stickiness of the meat mass, gives the sausage juiciness and defines its taste. The sausage is seasoned with ground black pepper, garlic and coriander seeds, the addition of which sets it apart from other sausages. Due to the high fat content, bake it, fry or grill it, or add it to pea or bean soup. Also excellent cold.


Country ham

The ham is not only in name, but also in what its content hides. It is truly natural, lean, juicy and filling. The secret of its production makes it stay fresh for an exceptionally long time. For those who like a more traditional version of cold cuts, we leave a layer of aromatic lard around the ham, which emphasizes the taste of the ham and brings to mind a real country feast.


Ham sausage

The sausage is lightly smoked with hot smoke and then steamed. Lean, meaty in content. Noticeable notes of white ground pepper and coriander seeds. The craftsmanship of its execution consists in skilfully combining larger pieces of lean, delicate ham with a bit of finely ground, sticky meat mass, so that the consistency of the whole is compact, and at the same time remains juicy. A perfect addition to sandwiches, crunchy toast, egg omelettes or pizza.


Silesian delicatessen sausage

These delightful sausages are a variation on the traditional Silesian sausage. However, they are more delicate and slightly different in taste. The skin is pleasantly crunchy thanks to the use of a thin lamb casing. In the background there is an aroma of bay leaf, garlic and allspice. They taste best when brewed in a covered water bath or in hot dogs.


Garlic headcheese

Headcheese made of carefully selected pork cheek muscles, cooked for a long time until soft. The addition of garlic determines the taste of the whole. Eat it as simply as possible - with bread and a splash of mustard.